Public Artists

Our vision for cSPACE King Edward is to ignite the intersection of art and everyday life – our first public art collaborations are a bold expression of that ambition.

As an incubator for our city’s creative talent, we engaged Calgary-based artist teams who are community-focused, contemporary in practice and constantly pushing the boundaries of their imagination.


Yesterday Today Tomorrow by Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett and Lane Shordee

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is a kinetic installation visualizing the complex passage of time as it relates to the site-specific concepts, people, and materials of the historic King Edward School. The installation takes the form of 105 suspended hourglasses, filled with sand crushed from sandstone bricks collected onsite during cSPACE’s renovations.Ranging from1-minute to 12-hour intervals of time, hourglasses will float through the Historic Grand Entrance and rise in a glassy cloud up towards the contemporary interior of the multi-use artspace. A steady stream of sand will rain down against the glass in a silent cacophony of movement. Every 5 minutes, a different assortment of hourglasses will flip, creating a complex visual aesthetic appearing at once both random and mathematical. Viewers who frequent the space will eventually learn to read these movements as the ticking of an intricate clock, mapping universal time in relation to abstract, personal measurements of time. Mysterious, experimental, and multifaceted, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow utilizes the hourglass as a powerful symbol of progression and momentum, drawing a direct relationship between the sandstone school’s past.

Imaginarium by daniel j kirk and Katie Green

Imaginarium uses a multimedia approach to transform the contemporary main entrance of cSPACE into a space devoted to the imagination. The work activates the entire four-storey stairwell, with a mixed material installation/mural, using low relief, collage, built material, light and shadow (LED lighting), silhouettes and screens. This installation began as an investigation of how the surrounding community of Marda Loop and the tenants of cSPACE relate to their creativity. The neighborhood was engaged and welcomed to an onsite studio space for drawing sessions inspiring the project.  From these sessions, the artists distilled participant stories from the sessions into their own visual interpretations. Imaginarium seeks to better understand how people engage their imaginations and the relationships we form with the creative process.

AFTER IMAGE by Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett and Lane Shordee

AFTER IMAGE is a large-scale architectural apparition drawn in physical space by stainless steel bars. Emulating the King Edward School’s historic grand entrance, the sculpture forms a three-dimensional wireframe of the entrance archway, columns, and balustrade, transposed 100 feet from their origin. Hand-bent to mimic each crack, crevice, and imperfection of the entrance at the time of transition between abandoned school and active arts incubator, AFTER IMAGE captures a single moment in time, and transposes it onto a growing garden. Over many years, tall grasses and bushes will sprout up through the cage of the sculpture, and vines will wrap its shiny façade. The resulting artwork will be glistening and ethereal at first, and increasingly overgrown in time. Marking both a presence and an absence, an invitation and intimidation, a point of connection and separation, AFTER IMAGE uses architectural language to literally frame the King Edward School’s most public space, offering a ghost manifestation imprinted on the eye – somewhere between that which is remembered, and that which is forgotten.

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