10 Reasons to Join a Cowork Space

On November 1, we opened the doors to our brand new creative coworking space – The Sandbox at cSPACE King Edward – and welcomed our first coworkers! We’re so excited to be a part of the growing cowork community in Calgary.  

Wondering if coworking is right for you? It probably is! Coworking is so remarkably versatile that there’s really something for everyone. If you’re on the fence, this blog is for you – we’ve rounded up the top 10 reasons to embrace the benefits of coworking. 

  1. Turn Key Office Space – Setting up an office space for your small biz can be scary, expensive and daunting. Especially is you’re a solopreneur or small team. Coworking spaces are already set up for you to come in without the headache of purchasing expensive office furniture for you and your team. Coworking spaces are ready for you when you arrive and offer desks, chairs, meeting rooms, and conference areas awaiting your productivity and creative genius!
  2. Sense of Community –  Cowork spaces are filled with people from all walks of life, often driven by the same goals of creating and building their businesses. Walking into these spaces you enter a room filled with high and energizing energy, a group of individual strangers looking to grow together.
  3. Space to Grow your #Tribe – Building your team from the ground up has its own challenges. Having a functional space for your growing team shouldn’t be one of them! Setting up shop at a coworking space saves you the hassle of training a team at your kitchen table or hoping you can find a quiet coffee shop for meetings. Coworking lets you hit the ground running and focus on building your team and your biz vs. dealing with operational headaches.
  4. Separating Work & Home Life – Working from home has its perks: No commuting, the freedom to stay in your favorite sweatpants, skipping the hairbrush. But those perks can come with a cost… Like a hit to your productivity for example. Or the lack of work/life boundaries that can creep in. Separating your professional life from your workspace can allow you to stay motivated and get done what needs to. Then you can go home to your sweats and pets with peace of mind.
  5. A Culture of Collaboration – In a space filled with unique strangers all varying with different talents and skill sets, you are destined to collaborate with some authentic people. Coming into a space of people who are all on board for working alongside people they don’t know opens doors to so many opportunities and possibilities.
  6. No Man is an Island – Working alone can be, well… lonely. Humans are social creatures – yes, even the introverts – so being around other people can be a powerful force for stimulating creativity, uplifting moods, creating friendly competition and being at your best.  
  7. Access to Professional Meeting Spaces – Coffee shop meetings and kitchen tables aren’t always the best option for a client meeting! Sometimes you just need a meeting room with a desk, a door and some supporting technology. Cowork spaces give you access to professional services, meeting rooms and amenities beyond the basics.
  8. Soak Up Some Positive Energy – Working in a communal environment, amongst other creative, entrepreneurial and energized professionals can allow you to tap into elevated creativity, uplifted moods, higher efficiency and a general sense of well-being.  
  9. Natural Networking – Tapping into a community of like-minded peers can open many doors! One of the number one benefits of coworking is the ability to generate new biz from referrals, connections, and collaborations that result from meeting new people and connecting meaningfully. Who knows how much opportunity goes untapped when you’re at your kitchen table instead of immersed in a community or creative and driven people from all backgrounds!
  10. Freedom & Flexibility – Fear of commitment? Not 100% sure? No problem. It’s easy to ‘try-on’ coworking spaces to see what’s right for you. Do your research, take a tour of your favourite potential spaces (we hope we’re one of them!) or try it out for awhile with day passes or flex packages!

Ready to dive into Creative Coworking? We’d love to have you! Check out our flexible membership packages, learn more about our many coworking amenities or submit your application here.

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