COVID-19 Precautions

November 2021 Update

A Note for Our Visitors

cSPACE is participating in the Restrictions Exemptions Program “REP” from the Government of Alberta. We are dedicated to keeping our community safe while supporting our artist community. We will continue to review measures as things change.

Public Hours

Public hours will remain at 8am-8pm for the near future, and we will reevaluate as needed. From 5pm-8pm visitors to cSPACE may access the building through the glass double doors at our NE entrance (off of 29th Avenue). 

What to Expect Indoors

Effectively immediately, masking and physical distancing is mandatory indoors and capacity will be limited to ⅓ fire code regulations in cSPACE public spaces.

What to Expect Outdoors

Masks are not required for outdoor spaces, however, physical distancing will be in effect.

Team Safety
All staff, coworkers, and contractors are required to sign a disclosure form stating vaccination status against COVID-19. 

Tenant Community

Tenant organizations at cSPACE are responsible for enacting their own vaccination policies by following the REP. Please contact individual organizations to learn more about which measures they are taking. 

Events in rented spaces like the Studio Theatre and Treehouse
If you are attending a private, or publicly ticketed event in one of our event spaces (The Studio Theatre, the RGO Treehouse), the event organizer’s will be responsible for verifying the vaccination status (via Alberta Health QR code) of all attendees as required by current Calgary Bylaws and REP. Please contact the event organizer for details on what you need to bring on the day of your event. 

Ongoing Measures

We are continuing our existing health and safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, including increased cleaning frequency, regular fogging of all spaces, and maintaining hand sanitizing stations on all floors of cSPACE. 

Additional Information for Venue Rentals

I’ve rented (or am looking to rent) a private space in the building. What about events in rented spaces like the Studio Theatre and RGO Treehouse?

Starting September 20, 2021, to ensure the health and safety of all patrons, staff, and artists, cSPACE will require clients who book events at cSPACE to sign a disclosure form acknowledging responsibility for the following:

Clients are responsible for having a contact tracing plan in place.

Additionally, clients are responsible for ensuring all attendees (12 years and older):

  1. Show proof of vaccination to the event organizer before attending any in-person event at cSPACE in any of our indoor, private venue rental spaces (The Studio Theatre, the RGO Treehouse). Currently a digital or paper copy of Alberta Health’s QR code is the only acceptable form of proof. Find out more here:
  2. Wear masks at all times (including within privately booked spaces) except while eating/drinking (must be seated). Masks must fully cover the nose and mouth (face shields are insufficient)
    • If a guest is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, proof of medical exemption must be provided
    • Children 2 years of age and under are not required to wear a mask
  3. Adhere to physical distancing protocols and are directed to the hand-sanitizing stations, available throughout the building. 

How do I check digital QR codes?

The AB Covid Records Verifier app is available to download for Android on Google Play and for iPad/iPhone at the iOS App Store. 

What about speakers or performers at my event? Do they have to wear masks?
Performers/speakers may remove their masks during their speaking/performing portion of the event. 

This policy is in addition to existing health and safety protocols that cSPACE implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures include mandatory mask-wearing in all public spaces (when not eating or drinking), and encouraging our visitors to practice social distancing and frequent hand sanitization. Sanitation stations are provided throughout the building. We continue to follow an enhanced cleaning schedule which includes regular disinfectant fogging throughout our spaces. Our staff, coworkers and contractors are all required to sign an attestation that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

What if my guests don’t have proof of vaccination status, or do not wish to be vaccinated?
You, as the organizer, will be held liable for any attendee who is discovered to be outside of compliance with these measures. It is in your best interest to ensure that all of your attendees are vaccinated to provide a safe and healthy experience for everyone. 

How long will these measures be in effect?
These measures will be in effect for the foreseeable future, and will be reviewed as needed. We appreciate that it is frustrating not knowing exactly how and when things will change. However, we are continuously reviewing provincial and municipal guidelines as well as communicating with our tenant and artistic community to provide the highest level of service that we can, in the safest way possible. 

Protecting our Community during Covid-19

Here is a quick overview of the measures we are continuing to use to keep our building and our visitors safe.

Marks are required in public areas.

Hand sanitizer stations are available at all entrances, close to elevator doors on all floors and in meeting rooms.

Rapid Response Plan
We have written a rapid response plan in case someone falls ill while on site. Our tenants are also required have a rapid response plan in place.

Green Light Sign-in Sheet
We have implemented a screening and sign-in sheet for all coworkers and cSPACE staff. This will allow us to effectively perform contact tracing if the need arises. We have encouraged our tenants to do the same for all staff and any patrons.

Stay in Touch
We also encourage all visitors to sign up for the cSPACE newsletter, allowing us to more effectively contact guests should anything happen.

Physical Distancing and Reduced Occupancy
We encourage visitors to practice physical distancing while in our spaces. We have limited public seating. Meeting spaces have restricted capacity. The elevator has been restricted to allow for only 2 people at a time, and standing areas have been clearly marked on the floor.

Our hallways are wide enough to accommodate people walking in both directions with physical distancing of six feet.

Sandbox Coworking Space
Coworkers are required to sign-in with the tracing sheet at entrance. Disinfecting/fogging occurs daily. We have increased barrier protection between workspaces. Coworkers are required to wear masks at their stations, unless there is at least six feet between them and another coworker.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
In addition to our daily cleaning and disinfection routine for the whole building, we are using a disinfecting fogger to clean all public and bookable spaces daily.

cSPACE management will be available during open hours if there are any concerns regarding cleaning and disinfection.

Stay Safe!

As we reopen we want to remind you to stay healthy, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. If you feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms, like a runny nose, fever, cough, or extreme fatigue, take care of yourself and others by staying home. We appreciate your support!
We will continue to reevaluate these measures regularly and as conditions change.
Thank you and stay well!
The cSPACE Management Team
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