Hallway Gallery Space

Hallway Galleries

4th floor-Hallway-Gallery
4th Floor
3rd floor-Hallway-Gallery
3rd Floor
4th floor-Hallway-Gallery
2nd Floor
4th floor-Hallway-Gallery
1st Floor

Hallway Galleries (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4)

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School hallways and secret hideaways have always been where the action happens in grade school! Where King Edward’s former students used to build friendships, talk freely and have fun, we have reimagined these voluminous hallways as unique opportunities for showcasing art, both to creative peers and the public. These unique character spaces have 13’ high-ceilings, gorgeous historic architectural features, fibre connectivity, professional gallery hanging and programmable lighting. Woven together by an inspiring glass-enclosed staircase and fully accessible or rented individually, these alternative exhibition and event venues provide affordable options for artist shows, openings, art markets and receptions.


· 13′ high ceilings
· Professional gallery lighting and hanging systems
· Dimmable LED lighting ‘cloud’
· Integrated audio/video support on Level 2

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