Health and Safety

Health & Safety

The safety and comfort of our visitors is important to us. On February 9, 2002, the Alberta government cancelled the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP). As individual organisations are entitled to enforce their own health and safety policies according to their own judgement, cSPACE has temporarily extended Covid related policies in place until March 1st. These measures include mandatory mask wearing indoors, and vaccine checks (conducted by individual event organizers) for privately booked events. 

The decision to implement this extension was made to satisfy existing agreements with contracted organizations, as well as to exercise our due diligence regarding the comfort and safety of our visitors. 

Following March 1st, masks are recommended but not required indoors in our public spaces. For questions about private or public ticketed events in our bookable spaces, please contact the event organizer for details.

Going forward we will continue to move in alignment with the Alberta government’s 3 step reopening plan. For more information refer to the link below.

Thank you for your patience and kindness as we navigate these times of transition.


Team Safety

Currently, all staff, coworkers, and contractors are required to sign a disclosure form stating vaccination status against COVID-19. 


Tenant Community

cSPACE tenant organizations are responsible for enacting their own health and safety policies in accordance with or in addition to provincial requirements. Please contact individual organizations to learn more about which measures they are taking. 


Sandbox Coworking Space

Disinfecting/fogging occurs daily. We have increased barrier protection between workspaces. Until March 1st, 2022, coworkers are required to wear masks at their stations, unless there is at least six feet between them and another coworker.


Events in Rented Spaces (Studio Theatre and Treehouse)

After March 1st, 2022, if you are attending a private, or publicly ticketed event in one of our event spaces (The Studio Theatre, the RGO Treehouse), the event organizer is responsible for setting expectations for their attendees. Please contact the event organizer for details on what you need to bring on the day of your event. 


Cleaning and Disinfecting

In addition to our daily cleaning and disinfection routine for the whole building, we are using a disinfecting fogger to clean all public and bookable spaces daily. Hand sanitizing stations are available on all floors of cSPACE. cSPACE management will be available during open hours if there are any concerns regarding cleaning and disinfection.


Be Well, Be Kind

As we reopen we want to remind you to stay healthy, wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer. If you feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms, like a runny nose, fever, cough, or extreme fatigue, take care of yourself and others by staying home. We appreciate your support!


The cSPACE Management Team

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