Meet the Coworkers: Joel Smith

Want to know who you’ll be rubbing elbows with in The Sandbox Cowork Space at cSPACE King Edward? The answer is some pretty cool, and creative cats.

Like Joel Smith of AmpersandSmith for example.

A man who wears many hats, and has a seemingly boundless supply of energy, Joel is a Calgary-based business development consultant working with high-tech firms who operate primarily in the US, like Slyce, Sentient, VirtualArmour, FINDMINE and more. He’s also a writer (of plays, blogs and ghost-written articles) and professional actor that has worked across the major stages in Calgary as well as in film & television.

Joel lives a hop, skip and jump away from cSPACE with his beautiful Yogini wife and two awesome sons. And when he’s not working you can find him spending time with family, walking his dog, playing guitar or trying his hand at any number of hobbies and activities. Boundless energy, as we said.

We caught up with Joel for a little Q&A to get him know him better.

Q: Tell us about your company AmpersandSmith

A: “AmpersandSmith Inc. was formed in 2015 after I spent several years building new tech startups as part of a successful incubation group. Because of my creative arts background combined with strong business acumen, we are able to offer our clients services that help them build more authentic communication and sales strategy. We like to say that “success has a storyline”, which we work with our clients to build. In some cases, our services are secured to help build out initial go-to-market strategy for a brand new business, in other cases we will help to launch a new service or product out of an existing brand.

Typically, we’re either working either as the tip of the sword in business development for our clients or providing efforts to bolster their prospects via lead generation, content development or strategy building.”


Q: What are you most passionate about? 

A: I’m lucky enough to enjoy what I’m doing most of the time, but I’m most passionate about storytelling. I’m working on a couple of screenplays and my wife and I are developing a series of children’s books.  

Joel & Ja

Joel and Ja

Q: What would your personal theme song be? 
A: The Weight by The Band – it’s followed me for my whole life, and I like how lyrics describe a life spent sharing the load with friends and those in need. Even as an individual who may not be the most affluent or wealthy. People are people.  And it’s just an awesome song by the greatest band in rock n’ roll history as well.  

Joel and his sons. And everyone's favourite emoji

Joel and his sons. And everyone’s favourite emoji

Q: Why do you feel an affinity for the vision and community at cSPACE?

A: I’ve spent my life collaborating with artists and businesses. I understand the processes, the personalities, the challenges and what success looks like. I’m a believer in failing, which is modern in business and well understood in art. I believe there are cross-over opportunities, and that the pursuit of a creative life doesn’t have to mean settling for a lesser lifestyle.


We couldn’t agree more, Joel! Welcome to The Sandbox at cSPACE King Edward. To learn more about Joel and AmpersandSmith, visit

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