Gallery Call 2020

Call for Artists 2020

cSPACE King Edward is a vibrant arts hub located in the inner city neighbourhood of Marda Loop. Our building is home to some 40 arts and culture tenants, a coworking space, coffee shop, theatre and event spaces, and four levels of hallway galleries.

We welcome individual artists, group shows, registered non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to apply to this call.

Show timing: March 1 – December 2020
Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2020

Rental Pricing

  • $350 per two week show run, $500 per month long run. If an entry fee or commission on sold work is charged to artists in a group show, the creative industry rate of $720 per two week show will apply. Pricing is per gallery level, multiple levels may be rented.
  • Artists looking to book out specific dates or hallway levels will be subject to regular gallery charges as per the cSPACE website.
  • Over summer (July-August), shows will be 1-2 months long, for the same pricing.
  • cSPACE does not take commission on art sales

Pricing includes

  • Access to our hanging system, and use of the walls of our full hallway space for either two or four weeks.
  • Promotion on our event website, newsletters, and social sites
  • One reception event during your show. Receptions will be held on the second Thursday of your show, in conjunction with other gallery openings (increasing your traffic flow!)
  • Access to general building traffic through our space for theatre events, tenant events, our coffee shop and Farmers Market. We are located in the desirable neighbourhood of Marda Loop, and have frequent events in our event spaces including a weekly farmers market.

What we require from you:

  • Shows are self installed – cSPACE provides an adjustable cable hanging equipment system that works best with two D-rings on the back of each framed piece. Ladders are also provided. cSPACE staff will provide suggestions for hanging, and may adjust work if hung incorrectly.
  • Installation Dates: Tuesdays Takedown dates: Mondays *Daytime and evening times
  • available. Installation dates will be scheduled during business hours when our staff are onsite.
  • Pieces cannot not be taken down outside of the set install dates, and sold pieces must remain on the wall until the allotted takedown time
  • Provide work that is appropriate for the public, in a building that houses Montessori children.
  • Gallery capacity:
  • L1/3/4: up to 40 pieces
  • L2: up to 20 pieces
  • We may have the capacity for more pieces depending on how many works are  showing on other floors.
  • Three plinths are also available for 3D works, upon request, but may only be used in L1/3/4 from June-Sept, or on L2 year-round.
  • Host a reception for your show (on the scheduled date) and invite your guests. You will be responsible to secure your own private liquor license for the event if you would like to serve drinks to your guests.
  • Provide a method for interested parties to contact you directly regarding sales (eg. email/phone number listed in your gallery tag).
  • Complete a post event survey

Please fill out our gallery submission form here to apply.

If you have other questions, please email us at with the subject line Gallery Call 2020. Thank you! We’re excited to hear from you.

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