Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Accessibility.

Our IDEA commitment signals that cSPACE is committed to advancing social progress in the communities we serve.

During the Spring of 2021, cSPACE conducted a multi-stakeholder process to develop our IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility) Commitment. This process included facilitation by an external consultant and participation from cSPACE staff and board, internal stakeholders from our tenant and coworking community, external partners and community representation. This process involved two working sessions and online discussions before the cSPACE board approved the commitment on June 16th, 2021.

cSPACE believes that by ensuring our culture is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible (IDEA) that we are open to vast creative potential.

We recognize that barriers, injustices and discrimination have compromised the wellbeing, belonging and prospects for many in our community.

In our commitment to fostering a vibrant and vital city, our actions will ensure that everyone can live, work, play and feel safe in our creative facilities.

As a placemaker in Moh’kinsstis/Calgary, we will steward collaborations that expand our IDEA efforts, and foster our collective capacity for positive change.

Following the first working session, these “4A” principles were developed to inform the intent of our IDEA Commitment:

Aspirational – our commitment needs to capture the ethos of cSPACE. It needs to build upon and enrich how we have welcomed the community and will continue to improve in the years ahead.

Acknowledge – our commitment needs to recognize the fractured context that the community is asking us to respond to and in keeping with our aspirations above.

Action – our commitment needs to commit effort directed to this work, understanding that we will certainly fall short of meeting our ambitions and the expectations of our community if we do not.

Agency – our commitment needs to capture our role as a community builder in Calgary and the responsibility demanded of us.

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